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Our Team

UNIDOSUS Affiliate

UNIDOSUS Affiliate

Our Purpose

We exist to create a world where there are no barriers for Latinos to reach their fullest potential.

Our Promise

We empower Latinos to define and achieve their own American Dream.

Our Mission

We build a stronger America by creating educational opportunities for Latinos.

Our Vision

We want to see a strong America where economic, political, and social advancement is a reality for all

Latinos, where all Hispanics thrive and our community’s contributions are recognized.


UNIDOSUS Affiliate

UNIDOSUS Affiliate

UNIDOSUS Affiliate

UnidosUS, in Washington D.C.,  formerly the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), is the nation’s largest Latino civil rights and

advocacy organization in the U.S. Through our unique combination of research, advocacy, programs, and a national

a network of nearly 300 community-based Affiliate organizations across the country, we simultaneously

challenge the social, economic, educational and political barriers that affect Latinos across the United States.

Si Se Puede!


Our Mission

UNIDOSUS Affiliate

Our Mission

As a non-profit 501 (3) (c) Charitable Organization, we strive to manage and maintain a strong community-based alliance addressing special needs of our Latino American Community within the Gulf Coast region.

To develop and implement a strategy and capability to improve the quality of life,

economic, educational, physical, social, and civic involvement within the Gulf Coast region where the Board of Directors determine where the greatest impact will occur in  accomplishing these goals.

To provide and maintain a connecting link with groups, organizations, civic, business, and governmental bodies, in both the public and private sectors, through which supportive resources and/or assistance may be obtained for the programs and projects of the Council, and development of barrio/community organizations of this region.

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